About Us

Healthgarde International is a leading network marketing / direct selling company in Africa; a parent company to 2 historic direct selling brands: Sportron and Swissgarde.

Although a young company, Healthgarde is currently in 7 African countries plus the United States and continues to make strides to expand its footprint across Africa and the world developing and empowering entrepreneurs.

Healthgarde firmly believes in the business model of developing Africans and bringing Africans out of poverty. Changing not only a single life but an entire family, it’s current generation and generations to come. Healthgarde does this through its business model and its foundation.

Nneka Nwarueze evolved from being franchisees of a South African Network marketing company (Swissgarde) for over 16 years to launching Healthgarde in 2020 in partnership with her daughter Lovelyn Bassey and the support of other amazing women. In the same 2020, Healthgarde acquired Ascendis Health Direct which housed 2 brands (Sportron and Swissgarde) with 31 years heritage each.

Healthgarde is not only an African company, but also the 1st major African Women owned network marketing company in the world in just over 3 years; reaching and changing many lives. In addition, starting as distributors of Swissgarde Health products in 2001, Nneka grew her business till her daughter joined her fully to launch their own company and subsequently purchased the companies they previously represented. A true African success story.

“This business is not measured by how much money you make, but by how many people you help and how many lives you change.”

– Robert T. Kiyosaki